Sibos 2015, 2016, 2017…………….and counting

A large banking/financial conference held at iconic venues across the globe. Our brief involves working closely with the venue teams to ensure the delivery of a successful event.

The client, through their agency George P Johnson, engage Pylon One a year in advance of the event to provide full network consulting services, commencing with a full survey of the existing in-house systems and their ability to deliver the event in October of each year. The need for Pylon One to provide initial consultancy services was driven by poor experiences of previous venues, where although significant bandwidth was available, there was not the flexibility of design and infrastructure management to ensure the successful delivery of the event.

A full survey of the coverage, RF configuration and setup of the existing network using Ekahau Site Survey is employed to highlight any concerns with the existing system design and architecture and their ability to deliver the requirements for the event.

Over the past three years, the Pylon One team have been commissioned to attend site for the event to work closely with the respective venue and manage the delivery of the network and the appropriate bandwidth, resulting in a series of successful events being delivered.

The networks have typically supported in excess of 13000 unique devices with a concurrent device count that exceeded 8000 and, most importantly, delivered a credible wireless network to over 180 exhibitors that allowed them to operate and demonstrate their products without the need to install any of their own systems.

In addition to the wireless management of the overall event, the team also install a wired network for the conference areas that delivered a 10Gbps backbone around the conference rooms to facilitate the live video element of the event, distributing both streamed and recorded files throughout the venue.