Mobile World Congress – Barcelona

MWC is the primary European event for the mobile industry and encompasses the entire FIRA Gran Via conference centre in Barcelona each spring.

Pylon One have been involved with the event for a number of years and seen it grow and expand as the importance of the mobile sector has increased, with the team now working for multiple exhibitors across the show.

For the last 7 years, Pylon One's main involvement has been with George P Johnson, to deliver the organiser's (GSMA) own stand as it has evolved from being the Connected House through to the Connected City and now the Innovation City, with up to a dozen partners all taking areas of the stand to demonstrate their products.

Pylon One works with all of these partners to deliver the network systems that they need to make their event a success, including full wiring of the stand to their specification and the provision of wireless coverage as required.

The rules of the event do not allow exhibitors to install their own wireless, but rather requires them to use the venue systems. However, Pylon One is given a dispensation to install the system on the Innovation City as we have demonstrated both our ability to install a viable network as well as our understanding of the overall event and the need to work with the venue team to ensure we can deliver our networks effectively.

We have delivered a successful event for the past 7 years that has allowed the partners to demonstrate their products and have a successful show.