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Experiential Footfall Analytics

Experiential or event marketing is an important part of any brand's strategy, receiving increased focus and investment each year.  As with display, outdoor and other traditional mediums, measuring ROI on this investment has proved to be challenging.

Until the point of customer interaction, physically or via social media platforms, little is known about the effectiveness of the experiential activation.  Agencies and brands are reliant on the venue management's quoted footfall, which is notoriously unreliable, as a baseline for their subsequent metrics.

Deploying a single Xposure:EX smart sensor removes the need for guesswork and estimation by accurately measuring audience movement in and around the activation.

Passing traffic

Our smart sensors detect the WiFi beacons broadcast by all smart devices.  With 60 to 75% of people leaving their WiFi enabled at all times this means we have a very large sample size.

We are able to measure not just the number of people in the area but also the average dwell time or exposure to your brand activation.

Dwell time

This replaces estimation and anecdote with valuable, actionable data and there's more.......our smart sensors also detect the approximate distance to each device detected.

Using this data we can set a virtual border around the activation that relates to physical distance. For example, visitors within 3m are classed as potentially engaged and everyone else as passing.

In addition to physical distance a minimum dwell time for engaged visitors can be set. For example, visitors within 3m for longer than 2 minutes are classed as fully engaged.


The Xposure live dashboard provides this data in real time meaning there is now the capability to conduct split testing, backed by hard data, thereby maximising investment.

Reports can be viewed any time via the Xposure web portal, making every event an opportunity to measure, maximise and refine.

How we do it

Our smart sensors detect the WiFi beacons broadcast by all smart devices and with the majority of visitors carrying a smartphone our sample sizes are very high. Our current data for outdoor events shows that 60 to 75% of visitors leave their WiFi enabled. This increases to  80 to 100% of visitors at indoor events, the provision of free WiFi in the venue having a significant impact on this metric.

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