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Temporary broadband consultancy


Pylon One are regularly asked to provide consultancy and project management services.

In our industry, continuity and consistency of delivery are key drivers for production managers and event organisers.

Production managers and event organisers like seeing and dealing with the same personnel year after year.

Many venues have an infrastructure that is capable of meeting a client's needs but they will not always be set up to deliver the type of complex communications solutions that leading events require today.

This is where our experience and expertise comes to the fore.

We are able to act as your "IT" function and engage with venues and suppliers on your behalf.

We act as an extension of your in house team, this enables you to leave the comms elements to us so you can concentrate on the rest of the event.

We will ensure that the communications element of your event is delivered on time, within budget, and meets and or exceeds your expectation.

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