Footfall Analytics

More now than ever before, the need to measure and qualify ROI with respect to experiential or event marketing is key. Having the tools required to measure ROI on this investment is of paramount importance.

Experiential/Production agencies and brands are often reliant on attendee numbers being provided by either venues and or event organisers. This data at times has proven to be unreliable as a baseline for their subsequent metrics.

Deploying a single Footfall Analytics smart sensor removes the need for guesswork and estimation by accurately measuring audience movement in and around areas within a given stand or indeed venue.

Seen traffic

Our smart sensors detect the Wi-Fi probes broadcast by all smart devices. With on average 80% of people leaving their Wi-Fi enabled at all times this ensures we have a very large sample size.

We are able to measure not just the number of people in the area but also the average dwell time or exposure to your brand activation.

Of equal importance we are able to provide footfall data on visitors on and around your stand/area who fall outside of the “ engaged “ parameter.

This is crucial as we need to not only be happy that visitors attended the stand/area, but we need to be very mindful of the significant numbers who may have passed by the stand/area.

Dwell time

We work with you to define a distance/area around your activation and or stand that you wish to have classed as “ Engaged “ You will then let us know the minimum dwell time that you would like to set whereby anyone that remains within the reach of the engaged zone for a defined period of time, lets say 30 seconds will be classed as engaged.

Access to Live data

The Footfall Analytics live dashboard provides a myriad of data in real time. Clients are provided full access to their event on our Footfall analytics web portal.

How we do it

Our smart sensors detect the Wi-Fi probes that are constantly emitted by all smart mobile devices. Our experience tells us that up to 80% of users have Wi-Fi enabled on their mobile smart devices. You do NOT need to be attached to any Wi-Fi network for us to capture your unique mac address.